The term “DBC - DealBazi Reward Coin”, “DealBazi Coin” is company’s private internal reward system for their “Basic ” & “ Prime” customers who purchase physical or digital goods from company.  Company provides FREE reward coins and reward points with each purchase. Rewards are stored as ⊉ DBC in secured encrypted digital wallet on DealBazi’s Exchange portal ( https://exchange.dealbazi.com) account using 40 digits secured wallet ID.

Customer has flexibility to store/withdraw/redeem their rewards at any time without any restriction or validity expiry, Using DealBazi’s Exchange portal customer can withdraw rewards to their bank account, Wallet, convert to store credit, transfer to other wallet on DealBazi’s exchange portal.

The convert or withdrawal amount will be based on ⊉ DBC’s current exchange rate (⊉ DBC = xx.xx INR + 2.5% withdrawal transaction fee).  The current exchange rate is available publicly on DealBazi’s exchange portal (https://exchange.dealbazi.com)  Rewards can be utilizing to make purchase from DealBazi’s shopping portal.

The reward coin received by customer is a “discount” given to customer after a transaction closure on based on their order amount. The rewards are GST paid, and no further tax is applicable on convert or withdraw coins except the processing fee applicable on fund withdrawal. Fee is deducted as per the latest fee structure available on DealBazi’s exchange portal.

DealBazi’s has enabled rewards sharing from their profit on daily basis for all it’s coin holders. Reward sharing is based on DealBazi’s daily turnover with number of settled transactions in a day. This fund is divided equally in to two parts, one amount is added to customer’s wallet as reward coin as ⊉DBC as per the current exchange rate and second amount is distributed equally in total numbers of coins which initially increases ⊉ DBC exchange rate, in same term if a refund transaction is initiated the same amount will be deducted from ⊉ DBC’s total fund and it will affect the ⊉ DBC exchange rate to go down.

The term “DealBazi Coin”, “⊉DBC”, “DealBazi Reward Coin” is no way consider as a “virtual coin”, “Crypto Currency” nor any kind of investment fund. “⊉DBC” is company’s private internal reward system and exclusively available with purchases on DealBazi’s Shopping petal and its partner networks.

In any manner ⊉DBC cannot be trade (Buy/Sell) on DealBazi as well as on any other platform. You can utilize full amount of “DBC” on DealBazi shopping platform, wallet to wallet transfer, redeem on product purchase on DealBazi shopping platform or withdraw to your bank account without any restriction or limit. Subjected to Ahmedabad jurisdiction.

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