DealBazi Reward Coin

DealBazi Reward Coin

What is Reward Coin?

The term “DBC - DealBazi Reward Coin”, “DealBazi Coin” is the company’s internal reward system for their customers who purchase physical or digital goods from the company. The company provides FREE reward coins with each purchase. Rewards are stored as ⊉ DBC in the secured encrypted digital wallet on DealBazi’s Exchange portal ( account using 40 digits secured wallet ID.

How much Reward Coin do I get?

You get reward coin based on your order value and type of your membership you have. You will get reward coins of 2% to 15% value of your order. You can check the exact amount of reward coin on each product page.

How does Reward Coin grow?

Reward coin grows with each transaction closure completed on DealBazi shopping portal, DealBazi retail outlet, channel partners and our other marketplaces channel. DealBazi exchange rate depends on the overall transaction thru our channel and partner network. The exchange rate doesn’t decrease once it reaches a higher exchange rate than the previous day.

What is the Exchange rate? How to check the current exchange rate?

The exchange rate is the INR values of 1 Reward coin. You can check the live exchange rate on DealBazi Exchange portal ( and app.

Is DealBazi Reward Coin a virtual coin or Crypto currency?

The term “DealBazi Coin”, “⊉DBC”, “DealBazi Reward Coin” is no way consider as a “virtual coin”, “Crypto Currency” nor any kind of investment fund. “⊉DBC” is company’s private internal reward system and exclusively available with purchases on DealBazi’s Shopping petal and its partner networks.

How Reward Coins are beneficiary for me?

You get FREE Reward coins with every purchase with an expiry of 6 months from the date of order. As it is a growing reward, the value of your coin will grow till expiry date; you can check the latest value of your coin in the wallet. You can make a further purchase on DealBazi using Reward coins.

How can I use Reward coin?

You can use reward coins as INR to shop on DealBazi, convert to store credit or do further shopping on DealBazi. You cannot withdraw to bank account, wallet or transfer to any other customer.

Does Reward Coin get expired?

Yes, Every Reward coin has a expired of 6 months from the date of order.

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